ELR Holistic Facials


Top *7* Proven Beauty Benefits of

 Energy Light Rejuvenation



Benefit #1: Encourages Collagen Production


Benefit #2: Smoothes Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Benefit #3: Firms Skin Tone


Benefit #4: Improves Skin Texture


Benefit #5: Diminishes Blemishes and Breakouts


Benefit #6: Minimizes Puffiness


Benefit #7: Turns Jowls into a Jaw-Line


These Top *7*  Benefits Plus So Much More can be Yours…

ALL Without Surgery, Redness, Swelling, Numbness, Flaking, Downtime or Discomfort!


Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) is the future of skincare technology by bridging Eastern technique and Western technology.  ELR combines Microcurrent with Therapeutic Light and Color to provide a one-of-a-kind rejuvenation treatment that meets your specific needs.

Microcurrent is safe and non-invasive and works in harmony with the natural energy system of your body.  Light and color have remarkable healing effects on the body.  By combining specially selected colored light to the correct acu-points of the body, your specific needs will be addressed.


Real People with Real Results…(keep reading)

“I look forward to my facial rejuvenation treatments.  My skin and muscle tone have improved dramatically, and it’s so relaxing.  It’s like a whole body treatment!” – D.B., Weston, FL

Fountain of Youth!  Dr. Sandra has recently given me ELR facial treatments on my face and neck.  The results have been very good.  My skin is firmer and smoother and even my tone/color is better.  The treatments also served as my relaxation time as they have been soothing and totally relaxing.  I’d recommend getting ELR treatments if you want a more youthful appearance…I’m glad I did.  I am 64 but look 50! YEAH! “ – M.D., Davie, FL

“I look forward to my visits with Dr. Sandra Kahn because my life can be so stressful.  When I leave my treatment, I feel phenomenal!  I also love the complements that I receive from family, friends, co-workers, and customers on my face from the ELR facials.  I get a sense of confidence from the treatments.  Otherwise, I would probably seek out surgery without the treatments.” – P.G., Hollywood, FL


Why Energy Light Rejuvenation? 

  • ELR’s exclusive combination of Microcurrent and Therapeutic Light and Color re-educates facial muscles and addresses the underlying causes of visible aging.
  • ELR stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin tissue by working in harmony with the natural process of the body.
  • Best Reason – NO SURGERY REQUIRED!


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