See What Real People with Real Results are Saying about Dr. Sandra

“It’s been over two years, your professionalism and positive results are the reasons I continue to visit your office…a very satified patient.” – W.C., Naples, FL

“Nice and restful.  Dr. Sandra will go to the point of your problems, physically and emotionally.  Just be patient, and she will help you more than you can imagine!” – P.D., Plantation, FL/Switerland

“I look forward to my facial rejuvenation treatments.  My skin and muscle tone have improved dramatically, and it’s so relaxing.  It’s like a whole body treatment!” – D.B., Weston, FL

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“With the combination of acupuncture, microcurrent, and therapeutic massage, the pain and swelling in both my knees resolved which has allowed me to enjoy playing basketball again. ” – M.B., Weston, FL

“I am pleased of the excellent healthcare and advice I have received from Dr. Sandra Kahn during the past two years.  She is well versed on both sides of the medical coin – Western style and Eastern style of medicine.  Recently I suffered a severe sprain to my right knee due to a sports-related injury.  With excellent acupuncture treatments, I was able to avoid surgery to that knee!  She has a great fountain of knowledge about healing and care.  I hope that you can drink from that fountain and benefit from it as I have! ” – R.B., Miami, FL

“Living in pain is not living, at least not the way I care to live.  After many years of participating in sports and working many jobs, it has taken its toll.  I’ve seen doctors and taken the prescribed medications in an attempt to ‘mask’ the pain but this was not for me or my family.  After urging and research I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I have been visiting Dr. Sandra Kahn, my acupuncturist, for approximately five years now.  I can truthfully say that the educated expertise of Dr. Kahn’s acupuncture has relieved my pain without fogging my brain with pharmaceuticals.  Acupuncture now is a way of life for me.” – C.D., Davie, FL

Dr. Sandra took time to listen to me and helped me to understand what I was feeling was alright and was able to calm me down.  I felt better, and we went on with the therapy.  This was so good that I was able to walk twenty yards without my crutches.  My God, my body went crazy and really started to go to work and started to respond to therapy.  I wish someone would have told me about acupuncture and oriental heathcare before I went through 8 surgeries for my back and so much pain!  I will always love Dr. Kahn.  She is not only my doctor but a loving, kind and sweet caring person. I will always love and respect her for the rest of my life.  God bless you and keep you.” – J.J., Miami, FL

*To begin YOUR transformation into health and wellness and experience a life-changing story yourself with real results, grab your phone and call Dr. Sandra at (954) 862-1777 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!*

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sandra for around four years. I’ve had a low immune system in the past where I was on too many antibiotics.  Since I’ve been getting acupuncture, my immune system is much better to where I’m not sick as much with fewer antibiotics taken.  She does only what I can handle, and the oiutcome is well worth it!  I’m a healthier person with more energy. Thanks Dr. Sandra! ” – M.B., Sunrise, FL

“I use acupuncture for headache relief…it’s quick, painless, and effective. ” – L.B., Sunrise, FL

 “I started seeing Dr. Sandra 5-6 years ago for chronic heel and spur pain associated with plantar fascitis.  I tried shots, pills, you name it – nothing gave me relief.  Once I gave acupuncture a try, I was hooked!  After several treatments I noticed less discomfort walking.  After several more the pain began to fade.  Now with regular treatments I can enjoy everyday without worrying about tired and sore heels.  You are the best!” – A.B., Sunrise, FL

 “Dr. Sandra does acupuncture that helped with the immunue system.  She uses the light therapy or needles to heal whatever pain I may be in.  She uses her therapeutic ways to heal me.  I am currently of twelve years of age and I have been doing acupuncture for 2 years.” – H.B., Sunrise, FL

 A special thanks to Dr. Kahn, of whom, through her knowledge and utilization of numerous oriental healthcare techniques (i.e. acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na, and electric muscle stimuation) was able to take 7 months’ worth of very nagging and persistent neck & shoulder pain and make it go away.  The process of breaking down the pain, which was new to me and very different from traditional medicine, is very interesting and started upon my initial visit…a little at a time until after multiple (5 to 6) sessions the pain was eliminated, amazing!  Now that we have the original pain in check, the good doctor and I have been working on some overall health treatments, including my overall immune function.  Thank you from a very satisfied patient. ” – M.E., Davie, FL

 “Dr. Sandra – a special thanks to a special person.  We appreciate the time you took to help us with your healing hands.” – C.S. & M.S., West Palm Beach, FL

 “I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me to make me feel better.  You are truly an angel on earth!  From not being able to sit and barely walk, thanks to your magic needles, I now can do both with almost no pain!  I will be going back to work soon, and I’m so thankful for you and the best acupuncture which helped me get there.  If anyone has any doubts about the miracle of you and your acupuncture, I am living proof you work miracles.  I will always be grateful to have met you and experiene healing with NO drugs!!!  You are the absolute best!” – C.B., Coconut Creek, FL

*To begin YOUR transformation into health and wellness and experience a life-changing story yourself with real results, grab your phone and call Dr. Sandra at (954) 862-1777 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!*

 “For weeks I had a pain in my back everytime I coughed.  Dr. Sandra listened to where the pain was and showed me how to stretch.  After one short session, I feel like a new man!  Thank you Dr. Sandra.” – V.R., West Palm Beach, FL

 “I am a disabled veteran diagnosed with Parkinson’s Syndrome and Dystonia.  I have been treated and evaluated by several doctors over eight years – NONE could give me any remedy, and all have given up on me.  My initial interview with Dr. Sandra was not conventional – she not only wanted to know my medical history but she also was interested in my personal life.  She took the time to find out about ME, she cared and is intelligent to know there is a connection.  Dr. Sandra has changed my life and has given me hope.  My first treatment gave me instant relief, and I have improved dramatically…I was mostly wheelchair bound and now I am walking!  My speech has greatly improved.  My mental outlook has improved.  My tremors are fewer.  Dr. Sandra is a true caring, professional healer.  I have a new outlook on life thanks to the treatments and care Dr. Sandra is giving me.” – J.E., Pembroke Pines, FL

 “Dr. Sandra, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that I no longer have issues with my back.  Your treatments have reduced my overall pain and increased my daily quality of life.  I am very grateful for you being a help and support to me through all these years.  You are not only intellegent and experienced, but also kind and empathetic.  You are constantly seeking new information and techniques to help your patients.  You make me feel more like family rather than a patient.  The facials helped me to improve my appearance, creating a better-looking skin, and most of all renewing my look!  Thanks for your motivation, overall care and helping me to be the healthiest person I can be.” – L.M., Miramar, FL

 “As a young athlete I had heard many people speak about acupuncture.  With Dr. Sandra Kahn, let me tell you, I was very impressed by her knowledge and techniques.  I was even more impressed when she came across a tangled muscle on my left shoulder without me even letting her know!  I went home that day feeling new and pain free.  Dr. Sandra’s ‘magic’ hands and techniques have really made a difference, not only keeping me pain-free but also without the need for pain killers.  Thanks Dr. Sandra for all your help, you have really made a difference in my physical health.” – O.M., Miramar, FL

 Fountain of Youth!  Dr. Sandra has recently given me ELR facial treatments on my face and neck.  The results have been very good.  My skin is firmer and smoother and even my tone/color is better.  The treatments also served as my relaxation time as they have been soothing and totally relaxing.  I’d recommend getting ELR treatments if you want a more youthful appearance…I’m glad I did.  I am 64 but look 50! YEAH! ” – M.D., Davie, FL

 “Dr. Sandra is a lifesavor!  I came to the office in so much pain that I cried when I walked.  I was previously diagnosed with plantar facsitis.  I received cortisone shots and pain killers that just didn’t work.  After one month of treatment with Dr. Sandra, I could walk again.  And after three months, I have NO pain and have lost 40 pounds!  Ican’t tell you how happy I was on my son’s wedding day that I was able to walk (not limp) down the aisle, dance with my son, and chase my grandson all over for hours.  Best Day Yet!!!  Thank you so much for helping me!  I owe you my happiness and so much more. ” – JKC, Davie, FL

“I look forward to my visits with Dr. Sandra Kahn because my life can be so stressful.  When I leave my treatment, I feel phenomenal!  I also love the complements that I receive from family, friends, co-workers, and customers on my face from the ELR facials.  I get a sense of confidence from the treatments.  Otherwise, I would probably seek out surgery without the treatments.” – P.G., Hollywood, FL

 “Dr. Sandra…Thank you so much for always going out of your way for us!” – T.M. & A.M., Hollywood, FL

*To begin YOUR transformation into health and wellness and experience a life-changing story yourself with real results, grab your phone and call Dr. Sandra at (954) 862-1777 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!*